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Renew. Review. Rebuild. / Renouveler. Réviser. Rebâtir.
Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound
Right Here. Right Now. / Ici. Maintenant.

Joshua E. Eriksen for Grey — Bruce — Owen Sound welcomes you to his official political, academic, athletic, and professional website.

We hope you can forgive us as we are renovating around the website towards building a better Bruce — Grey — Owen Sound and do ask that you will bookmark his professional real estate service website at for all your Grey Bruce Owen Sound real estate needs. We shall return as we renew, review, and rebuild back to full power in the coming weeks and months ahead to keep you informed of his news and views from around Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound.

Politically, Joshua believes in the common sense of the common people towards a common public cause, reaching progressively from the roots of reform, renewal, and restoration to our various governmental branches of civil service for all citizens equally, delivered effectively, and operated efficiently in a responsibly conservative tradition. Eriksen believes in a government that is transparent, honest, and above all else accountable to the taxpayer, which is why we work forward towards legislation that enacts better balanced budgets with progressive taxpayer protections and real debt and deficit reductions built within it leading to less government waste and more taxpayer freedom, more electoral say by the people, of the people, and for the people including recall, referenda, and real responsible representation by recorded unwhipped free vote from their constituency to their caucus or constitution to the conscience of the member, an economically free government that promotes trade, enterprise, and opportunities and a socially fair one which preserves equality, justice, and responsiveness. Joshua advocates for these seven basic principled policy points in an all inclusive platform for Building a Better Grey — Bruce — Owen Sound, Ontario & Canada Tomorrow Today Together for the 21st century:

With these 7 principled policy points, Eriksen also advocates asking these seven fundamental real life questions to apply onto any proposed legislation of the future, or any revisions of laws from the past: Joshua believes inspiration for creating real change must come from the heart, to start motivation from the head, and finish with participaction through the hands, three of my all time favourite quotes to keep moving forward, against the resistance we face in life, and work even harder for the win actually come from 3 Canadian hockey star heroes: All 3 all stars here stopped just dreaming, started truly believing, and began really achieving that same hope, trust, and optimism by making a difference : ) as you can too with a true chance towards making the right choice at creating real change right here right now in Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound today!

So please stick around and enjoy the rest of this website by joining Joshua on the various social media available for his campaign for life at Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Youtube, Googleplus, and Linkedin. As the campaign in Grey—Bruce—Owen Sound moves forward, Eriksen will be looking forward to ideas and thoughts from you, which can also easily be communicated to him by email. Joshua looks forward to meeting each and every one of you in Grey—Bruce—Owen Sound on the campaign trail of life, as he believes all people can contribute and add another positive by just a good word and deed at a time to a world that needs it today more than ever before, so be sure to stop by, say hi, and smile in this blessed Brand New Year 2016 as it starts tomorrow today together right here right now!

Building a Better Grey — Bruce — Owen Sound Tomorrow Today Together ... Bâtir un Meilleur Grey — Bruce — Owen Sound Demain Aujourd'hui Ensemble
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